Indya Childs

Fayetteville • Georgia


My name is Indya Childs and I am from Atlanta, Ga. Growing up, I was the child that was always in the back. I tried very hard to fade away because I was so painfully shy. I remember being so afraid to walk into a room or to speak to someone. My entire body would begin to sweat and my heart would pound when I would see a large group of people. I remember being so afraid to live my life, afraid of others opinions. My self-esteem was so low, it was unhealthy. However, I remember when I took my first dance class. It was a very magical moment. Though I still did not like to speak in class, I realized that I was able to speak through movement. Dance pushed me out of my comfort zone. It helped me embrace all of my flaws and realize how powerful I am as a person. From dance, I finally began to understand that I do have a voice and what I say matters. It is so refreshing to see how dance has molded my life. My family and friends often forget how shy I once was because of my new “outspoken” personality. This is why I have become such an advocate for the arts especially dance. Many children who are considered “different” in the eyes of society are often picked on and brushed off to the side. I want to show the world that the arts saves lives. I want children who have felt unworthy to know that they matter. I went from a shy, introverted child to an outgoing, powerful adult. This great transformation happened because of dance. From all of my hard work and me finally believing in myself, I was named “25 to Watch” in Dance Magazine in 2015 and I know that I will continue to do great things in the dance community because it has done some much for me. I am so grateful for dance! I only hope to continue to inspire others with my story!