Holly Walker

Hillington • England


I have never been very skinny. I was always know as one of the fat kids at school. And when I told people I started to dance everyone laughed. I couldn't really blame them. Someone of my size dancing-come on. That's stupid right. So I started street dancing. I was getting that fairly easy. So then I thought. Why don't I try another style. I began contemporary lyrical dance about 8 months ago. And when I tell People I'm a lyrical dancer. They all still laugh. But it never stopped me. I'm still dancing today. And I have never been happier.

No matter what ANYONE tells you. You never ever stop dancing. If someone calls you ugly. Dance. If someone calls you fat. Dance. If someone ever makes you feel that you're less than perfect. Then Dance. Let your anger out. Paint a beautiful picture. Because you are perfect. And Dancing will help you remember that.