Hannah Zahrobsky


I have overcome many emotional and physical obstacles to continue dancing. From the time I was younger I was always one of the bigger children, I was never The tiny ballerina. When I walked on stage I always was self conscious that judges were looking at my size and not my dancing. Then 4 years ago my dance teacher started to make it obvious that I was not the favorite she was overly tough on me. She would yell at me until I cried, and when I did she would yell at me for that. I am no longer dancing at a studio.. But that does not mean I stopped! You do not need to be dancing at a studio to be a dancer. Turn on some inspirational music and just let go. Stay positive, stay beautiful, and most importantly stay dancing.

Other dancers need to know that there is always going to be someone that try's to knock you down and step on your dreams. You need to keep your head up high and keep dancing, nobody can stop your passion and love for dance!