Grace Field

Victoria • Australia


I started dance at the age of 4 however I wasn't very committed and it was more of a hobby and something I enjoyed doing. I lived a lot of my life (16 years) believing that I was a good dancer. I lived in Melbourne, a large city where resources were close by, however my family moved away to a country town where there were no proper dance schools anywhere. After a year of searching we found a small dance school half an hour away from where we live. I travel there three times a week to dance and feel that joy and excitement every time. On one of those three days I enjoy the privilege of teaching younger children ballet. However, I just recently hit rock bottom. Having just entered year 11 I wasn't having much time for dance as school became my main focus. I still attended lessons three days a week though. Unfortunately, I was having a really bad day one day and life was hitting me hard. I was continuously told that my body was not right for dance. I was not naturally flexible or have a good turnout. I wasn't stick thin (I really enjoy food) and I wasn't dedicated enough. That was enough to send me crying. For days I cried, my dancing dreams were crushed and dance had become work for me. It was no longer a passion. I hated it. Thankfully, my family told me to get my head out of my ass and keep dancing because it was what I loved. They told me not to care about what others thought. They loved me for who I was and in their eyes I was the best dancer. They were my rock through it all. They were committed to driving me three days a week to those lessons and they were a continuous source of courage and faith. I love them and what they have done for me and I am eternally grateful. I will continue to dance no matter what people say and I will continue to encourage others because I don't want them to feel as worthless as I did.