Grace Butterfield

Nebraska • USA


In the year of 2014, I was in dance class when I heard a snapping sound in my knee. Scared of what it could be I went to the doctors to see what had happened. I got the MRI results back and they said I had a torn meniscus(cartilage in the knee) and that I needed surgery. I was devastated and was trying to decide if I even wanted to do it because of the risk of never dancing again. I ended up getting the surgery, but the recovery process was the worst mentally and physically. 3 whole months of physical therapy and no dance. It was painful and I realized how much you never really appreciate doing the things you can do before you can't do them anymore. After what seemed like forever I could finally dance and do everything I could before. As much as I would want that to be the happy ending, it isn't. I recently started having pains in the same place and turns out, it's torn again and I need yet another surgery. But I'm trying to look on the positive side of things and do as much dance as I can before then, and think that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

There's always a positive side of bad situations. You just need to find that positivity inside and let it out!