Emily Shaffer

Lake Ariel • Pennsylvania 


Dance is truly my everything. It began as a way of therapy for me when I was younger. At age 2, I was diagnosed with a rare disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It means that my joints are extremely loose, my skin can bruise any where, it makes me extremely weak, and affects my brain and heart. I used dance as a form of PT, but now, 13 years later, it is my whole world. I am largely involved in musical theater, however pointe ballet and contemporary are my favorite by far. I practice everyday, even in the summer, and my teacher is so much more than my teacher. I have taught other kids how to dance, and it now makes me stronger every time I do it. I love the hard work it takes, the costumes and the shows, and the feeling that you can achieve when you succeed. It truly is my favorite thing, and I plan to continue my passion in college.