Eliza Cragun

Ogden • Utah


My favorite genre of dance is ballet. Ballerinas are always stereotyped for being tiny girls, I am no tiny girl. But one thing I have realized, is that isn't going to stop be from living my dream. Ballet is a huge art form in dance, and I love to share its beauty every time I hop on stage. I have an overwhelming feeling whenever I dance ballet. My size as a ballerina hasn't stopped me from getting on stage and proving that I don't need to be tiny, and just because of my size doesn't mean I can't dance like the rest of them. As much as I feel uncomfortable when people just stare at me while I'm dancing, and judging me. I would rather have them stare at me, then quit something I love, it would be far more painful. Nothing will stop me, because ballet is a part of me and my life.