Eden Ousby

London • UK


After losing one of my huge inspirations I was left feeling unmotivated and defeated within myself. Having someone to look up to every day suddenly taken away from you proved unbearly when first suffering with my loss. My brother was an incredible music talent who sourced my love of music which joined hand in hand with Dance. After 14 years of dancing around my local area of which I knew everyone and things seemed the same on a different day, coming to terms with the life I would embark without Tom sparked something within me. Knowing he passed away at the young age of 19 only cemented the idea that life is unpredictable and should be lived to the fullest in which I decided to take a different path on my journey through dance. I began training and taking classes much further into central London gaining knowledge in many "street" styles, so to speak, after refusing for so long as a classically trained dancer it could never be "my thing". Two years later and I am part of an incredible East London crew performing at events I could have only dreamt of attending. From World of Dance to competing at Hip Hop International these past 8 months have been unforgettable and make me very excited for the future. Tom will always remain in my heart and continue to be my motivation for success.