Deirdre Bovaird

Leduc • Alberta


My name is Deirdre and I have been dancing since I was 5 or 6 years old. Over the past 10-11 years I have developed a burning passion for the art of dance. Dance for me is a release from anything and everything in my life that may be stressful. I dance because there isn't a greater feeling than having the ability to get up onto a stage and tell my story through movement. I am a part of the most supportive studio; everyone there helps me to grow and learn and become a better dancer each and every day. I would dance 24/7 if I didn't have work and school. I have danced in various styles of dance, including, ballet, jazz, lyrical, acro, musical theatre, modern, hip hop, and contemporary. Everything in my dance life was better than I could've imagined until the fall of 2014. In that year, I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis. My parents, dance teachers, and myself were absolutely terrified. I didn't know what this was going to mean for my dance career. After some x-rays and talking to a specialist, I was put into a brace that I was to wear in bed for a year. It hurt... a lot... but if it meant that we could maybe find a way to prevent my back from getting worse and that I could keep dancing, then I was all for it. I found it quite difficult to do some things in dance after finding this out. I had picked up the amount of dance I was doing that year and it was really taking a toll on my back. Dancing still hurts a lot more today, but I continue to do it because I love it. It could be a lot worse with my back and I'm just going to keep dancing until it is no longer physically possible. I think that this all has set a spark in me to push my limits and see how far I can make it in dance. Dance is what makes me the happiest and it is an endless roller coaster.