Christa Brown

Texas • USA


I have been dancing since third grade. The studio I initially danced at was low level and did not progress to the technique I wanted to have. I switched studios after a year to one that I fell in love with due to the passion, technique, and style. I danced there for 4 years, and in that time I grew as a dancer immensely. At the beginning of what would be my 5th year, my dance teacher moved to LA to pursue a dance career in a hip hop crew. I decided to not continue as the teacher who replaced her, had a different style of teaching and dance that I did not like. I continued taking dance at school and continued on to dance on my high school drill team, The Honeycombs. Right off the bat, due to my previous dance experience, I was given special parts in many dances. Combining all of my dance schedule with school, church, and my social life, I became incredibly stressed out. To add to that, while playing tennis with my dad, I busted my ankle. Still worse, my hip began randomly dislocating and I found out my back was so off kilter that it was actually growing backwards. The stress caused my brain to not get enough blood and oxygen, leaving me prone to random fainting spells. I was incredibly worried that I wouldn't be able to dance for the rest of my high school years. But dance has been such a good thing in my life, I refused to let any of this beat me down.

No matter what stuff you go through, whether injuries, family issues, etc., life will try to drag you down. Don't stop dancing because of any of these issues. Yes, it'll suck sometimes. Yes, it will be hard, both mentally and physically. Yes, injuries will happen. Yes, dance will conflict with your other schedules. But you can't let any of this tame the fire that you have in your heart and soul for dance. You CANNOT give up and give it a rest. You have to keep on pushing, with heart and with passion.