Chloe Dehmlow

Colorado • USA


I am 15 years old. Last year I switched from normal school to online high school. I was preparing to start dancing 30+ hours a week. This past summer I found out that I have a genetic hip disorder called femoroacetabular impingement. (FAI) this is where your hip bones aren't the right shape and hit against other bones when you move you leg. This often causes labral tears and other hip damage. I had an MRI to confirm the tears before deciding on hip surgeries.

We scheduled my right hip surgery for July 28th. We were recommended to go to a pediatric surgeon who had done my best friends surgerys 2 years ago. The surgery was successful but I had problems with pain for a while. I spent 6 weeks on crutches and then we scedhuled my left hip surgery for September 29th. I came out of surgery screaming in pain with no pain control at all. They had attempted a spinal block that failed I I had no pain meds because I had woken up so soon after. I spent a couple hours like this in recovery before they were able to give me some meds. At my first pt appointment a week later, my physical therapist knew that something was wrong. We tried to reach the surgeon but he couldn't figure out any reason for me to be in so much pain.

We ended up seeing another surgeon's PA. He told me that i was either super tight or there was something wrong with my labrum. He said that if it was my labrum I would need labral reconstructive surgery.

At the end of the year my original surgeon did diagnostic injections into my labrum and steroid injections in to my muscles. The diagnostic injections told us that there was a problem with my labrum and I would need the third surgery.
At this point I had been on crutches for almost 6 months and we decided to switch to a different surgeon. I had a 2nd MRI that did not show any problems with the labrum and than a 2nd diagnostic injection that confirmed the labrum was the issue even if it didn't show up on the MRI.

We scedhuled my surgery for February 9th. After surgery I immediately felt so much better. During this surgery they took out my labrum and replaced it with a cadaver IT band. I am now almost 4 weeks out of surgery. I am off of most pain medication for the first time in months. I have 2 weeks left of crutches after 8 months.
I should be getting back to dance very soon but I won't be fully back to where I was before for about a year.