Chenda Kaplan

Belmont • Massachussetts


I started dancing when I was 2 years old and have been dancing for 8 years at The Dance Inn, I am currently 14 years old. My favorite styles of dance would probably have to be hip-hop, lyrical/contemporary, & jazz. I also love to do improv dance whenever I get the chance to because it give me an opportunity to do movements that I want to do instead of being told what steps I need to learn. Some of the classes, workshops, and teachers I've worked with include Jeanette Neill, a master class with Ian Mackenzie who is one of Lady Gaga's backup dancers, and Sarah K (Skooj). At the beginning of April, my dance team got a chance to perform in Disney World. This weekend I am attending The Pulse dance convention which I also did last year but did Camp Pulse.