Chavonne Magnuson

Victoria • Australia


To be able to move in a way that is not normal, a way that identifies you without words is amazing! For me as a dancer growing up with dyslexia has been hard and I have found it difficult to communicate with people through word of mouth. Although my case is not extreme I do still at the age of 20 find it difficult to communicate what I want, I feel stupid sometimes when I mix words up and can't think of ways to describe things, a 20 year old should be able to do those things, especially after having a private school education (which I am so grateful for ). When I dance, I feel I have no communication barrier, I can say and express what ever I want without doubting myself, without feeling I am stupid and without confusion and frustration. Dancing makes me feel limitless, that anything is possible, and that any barrier can be over come with movement, music and a lot of soul! Dancing is my way of communicating! its what makes me, me and what makes me happy ! without it I feel I could never express what I want to express! There is no confusion!