Catie Leiffer

Florida • USA


Just this past year, I have had to overcome ACL reconstruction surgery in order to keep dancing. It's my senior year and that means that it's my last year to dance competitively with my team. I had my surgery in August and the recovery process has been one of the hardest things I've ever been through. The minimum recovery time for this surgery is 6 months and that's still not the end of the rehabilitation. I am currently 6 months post op and I still have not been cleared to dance. I am slowly getting back in to classes by stretching with my team and doing simple warm ups, but I have not been able to jump, leap, or turn in over 6 months. Not being able to dance and knowing that it's my last year has been absolutely heart breaking for me. All I want to do is compete on stage with my team one last time before I graduate, and hopefully that wish comes true.

Other dancers need to hear that hard work and motivation can take you a long way. Right after surgery, I never thought I would be up and dancing by the end of the year, but I set a goal and worked really hard and I am so close to achieving my goal.