Cara O'Hearn

Richmond Hill • Ontario


I have to say that I overcame a huge lack of confidence. Actually, I haven't fully overcome it, I still lack confidence today but to keep pushing myself in dance I remind myself that I love it like nothing else. Dance- ballet in fact- is my passion and always has been since the day of my adoption. Yes you heard right, I am adopted. At the age of around three, my new and wonderful parents came to Haiti, Port au Prince where I was born and took me and my little brother back to their home in Canada. From there they took care of us as if we were their own children but not from birth, from their heart. We became a beautiful family and I have to thank my parents for all the support they gave me and are still giving me on my dance journey and other things in my life. My dream, one day, is to be an inspiration like my idols Misty Copeland and Michaela Deprince, who have proved that no matter what skin colour or body type you have you can be a great.