Camille Ann

Kerrville • Texas


Two years ago I went through two years of fear; I was a young girl that had depression, and a very high rate of self consciousness. The only way I could seem to express myself, and not feel embarrassed or like someone was going to make me feel bad was through dance. Which, is how I overcame all of it, dance is the reason I can now go out wearing no makeup and feel like no ones going to laugh at me, or wear a new outfit and not fear something bad will be said. I love dance because it heals you, through it you can overcome physical/mental stress, it's your own personal councilor, while you get to express yourself in the best way possible. It's just you and dance, right when the song starts and your body's going through the moves, the world stops.. And all the pain and troubles in your life float away. And that's, that's what I love about dance.