Bridget Costello

Illinois • USA


Dance has never come easily to me. When I stared I was old (15) I had no talent to speak of and I was extremely overweight! When I stared with the Hughes Academy I was 240 pounds. I had a dream, a dream I had since I was three years old! I didn't get there the conventional way . Most of my family didn't believe in me, they didn't see how this could be a career. That was hard, I felt alone most of the time when it came to family support. But, I didn't give up! I lost 100 pounds, got into Open Champion and I was just excepted into a summer school in Dublin Ireland that will give me the opportunity to become a professional dancer! Dreams come true.

If you have that fire burning in your heart for dance then you must pursue it! No matter what. Obstacles will come your way, but it will all be worth it in the end! People will think you're crazy, they will say you're wasting your time. But you're not. You're chasing your dream. Most people don't have enough courage to do what you're doing! I know God puts us on this earth for a very specific reason. If we trust Him and follow what he puts in our hearts, nothing is impossible! He put me here to dance. He put you here for the same purpose. " I can do all things through Christ to strengthen's me" Phil 4:14