Ashley Davis

Richmond • Kentucky


What is the perfect dance body? The perfect feet? The perfect line? The truth is, perfection does not exist. Everyone has flaws and every dancer struggles with something. For me personally, I was handed short legs and short ...well.... everything. Instead of looking in the mirror and wishing for something more, make it happen. Cope with your flaw by ultimately setting a goal to showcase them in a better way. Ballet is no piece of cake for short people. Going in I knew I had to work extra hard if not harder than others it came natural to create those long lines. I will never forget the day someone at a competition approached e and said " I can't believe you are this little, you look 6ft tall on stage." Go into every class not with the intention of giving 100%, but 150% instead. Give yourself that extra little push and start by simply telling yourself you can do this. Love yourself and the way you are made because you are special and no one can ever take that away from you. Dance creates beautiful minds.