Asajahnique Collins

Bronx • New York


My name is Asajahnique Collins. I have been dancing since the age of 3 and I always found something magical about it. I've dealt with a lot growing up as a dancer. Growing up I was the "textbook perfect daughter". I did extremely well in school, I played sports, and I had a bright future ahead. To family, my bright future wasn't the same as the one they had lined up for me. My family expected me to go into corporate America and become a CEO. Their excuse was that I shouldn't waste my knowledge on something like dance. I was smart, why couldn't I be a doctor or a lawyer. My heart was in dance. All I wanted to do was dance. I wanted them to see and feel the same joy I do while dancing. On top of the negativity, I was dealing with body image. I was told I was too big to be a dancer, that dancers don't have muscles like men, and that I was too tall. I would constantly hear it everyday from my peers to the point where I became numb to it. Everyday I took all the negative energy and spilled it out on the dance floor. It was the only place that had stability in my life and the only place where I felt happy with myself. It made me forget that I was moving from place to place. It made me forget every single criticism against me. As I continue working to become a professional dancer , I continue to dance to show everyone that ever doubted me, that they shouldn't have doubted me in the first place. Dance is my way of speaking and my way of life.