Arianna Shahin

Ambler • Pennsylvania 


Dance is an expressive art that can be universally understood. No matter where you live or what language you speak, dance can speak to everyone who experiences it—either by watching it or participating in it. My name is Arianna Shahin and I have been dancing for 14 years. Dance is such an important part of my life and has been ever since I was little. I've always had a passion for it. When I was younger I danced as one of my many hobbies I had along with being on the field hockey team and swim team. However, when I was in 8th grade, I decided to join a dance studio that had a competition team. After this transition, something clicked and I became so dedicated to dance. Dance truely was my passion and being on this competition team really helped me figure that out. In 9th grade, I decided to leave my other hobbies and sports and pursue dance. I had big goals for myself as a dancer and I would do whatever it took to accomplish them. After being on the competition team for two years, I took the risk of auditioning for The Joffrey Ballet School's summer intensive. I had done all the research and found the audition date myself before I told my mom. She was in shock when she found out how much time I had dedicated to researching this program. My mom decided to take me to the audition. I was very nervous because I had only ever done a couple auditions at dance conventions before and I really wanted to get into this program. After the audition, I really didn't think I would get accepted. However, a month later, my mom received an email of my acceptance to the program! I was so thrilled! Although I stepped out of my comfort zone that summer, it turned out to be the best summer of my life. I got to spend 3 weeks in New York City all by myself, doing what I love: dancing. And if it weren't for that summer I would not be where I am today. I have attended The Joffrey Ballet School's summer intensive for the past two years and I will be attending again this summer. Along with attending The Joffrey summer intensive again this summer, I will be attending the NYU Tisch High School Summer Dance intensive. I have really grown as a person from dance. I am more willing to put myself out there and take risks. I have gained a new fierce sense of confidence that will help me throughout life. Dance is truly my life and I am forever grateful for all the opportunities it has provided me with. Dance is where I can be myself and not worry about anything from the outside world. I am very lucky to have a place that I can go and just be myself. I would not be the person I am today without dance and I will always be thankful for what dance has provided me.