Arianna Dolan

Kings Park • New York


When I was 14, I faced the biggest decision of my life. I had to choose between softball and dance. During that time, I didn't understand why everything just couldn't work out. Why did I have to give something up? I was growing up..going into high step closer to becoming an adult. And all through those years, dance was such a major component. Yes, I enjoyed playing softball, but nothing compared to the passion and love I have for dance. There is nothing I would rather spend 5 out of 7 days of the week doing. I knew all along that dance was what I needed to do. I just wasn't sure how to express it. What if my family wouldn't want me to pursue it as much as I did? Looking back at this time, the nights were endless where I was unable to go to sleep due to the fact that I just cry because I knew wanted to dance. Social media showed me that all these dancers were improving and I would think to myself, why can't I be one of them? Many days I just thought that no matter how hard I tried, that dream of mine will never come true. When I had to make my decision of choosing dance, it was an enormous weight lifted off of my shoulders. MY passion was finally being pursued and I am so happy to say that today I am finally living my dream. Dance is not what someone is encouraging me to do, it's what I wake up every morning imagining all of the opportunities that I hope will come my way. Dance is truly the best thing in my life and I can't imagine myself doing anything else. This art form is truly beautiful. Anybody that loves dance as much as I do needs to do anything in their power to make their dreams come true. One small change can have a huge impact on their life.