Arabella Sutcliffe

Manningtree • England


I started dancing through my grandmother who was a professional dancer herself and it was our little thing that we did or talked about together. I later went to dance schools in Spain where i learnt contemporary, ballet, tap, jazz, commercial. However I so badly wanted the opportunity to do dance professionally but sadly the opportunities in Spain are scare and are second to none, I also knew that i would need better training and just wanted to be where it was all happening. My grandmother very sadly passed away which was and still is the hardest thing i have ever had to try and get through everyday as she was everything to me. Dance helps me as it remind me of her and everything she taught me. She gave me some money and I knew what I had to spend it on, so I auditioned for Italia Conti in London where I found out i got in to and immediately moved to London by myself and lived with my Auntie which i am so thankful for as i wouldn't have been able to go otherwise. I have now been at Italia Conti for nearly four years and loving it.