Anna Williams

Loganville • Georgia


I was bullied a lot in middle school ,and had very low self esteem. That all changed when I got to high school and joined the school dance program. At first i saw it as a hobby , but now it has grown into a passion and a lifestyle. This year,I'm taking classes at my school program as well as a studio . Dance has given me so many amazing mentors, and has given me a refugee away from my parent's marriage problems. It is a therapy, antidepressant, and sport all in one .I used to always look at myself as not being able to a lot of things and always saying I can't , but dance has changed the completely. It is something you do with your body but feel in your soul .Dancers are leaders in the communities, and it's given me a way to do what I love ,improve myself, and truly make a difference in the lives of others. Dance has helped fight anger,self doubt, and depression. I hope to eventually join a company or dance team and join the National Honors Society of Dance at my high school . It truly has changed my life ,and I want to share my passion & have the same impact on others .