Alyssa Verbus



My story is quite simple but inspiring to myself, nonetheless. I have been a cheerleaderfor 12 years, and iI am a Junior in High School at the moment. I have been growing up in a very small town where dance isn't an option. I helped build back up our old annual production. I have continued to participate in helping and of course, performing. There is not one day where I don't give it more than what I have. One day that bit me when my knee completely snapped in two. The sound even echoed in our auditorium. I can't go to the doctor because they will not allow me to continue. I guess my point is, you know your own limits. My genetic disease often ruins my bones or joints but I just put wraps or braces on them until I can continue even more. I won't stop. Just the fact that I am barely held together myself and still called amazing and one of our best dancers, is a huge honor. Remember to ignore others and that the only true competition, is yourself.