Alexis Novacek

Omaha • Nebraska


I started having back issues as a freshman in high school (I am a junior now). Originally, I had a stress fracture which led to 3 months of sitting out - then I was fine. Then this year, my back had started hurting and I went to my back Doctor only to find out that I had torn a cartilage disk. My doctor told me I would need to sit out my senior year. I was horrified it was the hardest thing I ever heard. Dancing is my life and the fact that I couldn’t do it my last year was the worst news I ever heard! They sent me to physical therapy and I didn’t dance for 2 months. Then my physical therapist told me the greatest news, “I don’t like to keep athletes out of the things they love, and I say after all this progress you should be able to continue dancing”.... I was on top of the world!!! Now, I have to be careful, of course, as my injury is permanent, but I love doing what I do and I’m so grateful I get to do it for another year and a half!! "For all my fellow dancers, leave everything outside the studio and have fun at dance because it doesn’t last forever!