Alexa Rivera

Texcoco • Mexico


I danced since I was 6 years old; I used to be a ballet dancer, then I changed to jazz. I stopped dancing for some years because I couldn't find a studio where I felt comfortable and free to be myself; three years ago I reconnected with a friend who used to dance jazz with me, but now he had his own studio and started a Hip Hop company.

I really never had danced Hip hop, so it was something quite new for me so I decided to give it a try, and I have to say that was the best decision I could have ever made. A few months later he invited me to compete with them in Hip Hop International; I had to leave the company because I needed to focus on school, but I really missed it, so I decided that I needed to balance both things: dance and school.

A month ago I auditioned to come back to the company, and here I am, in rehearsals again.

At school, a year ago, I had to make a bucket list, and two important things I wanted to do someday in my life, were to participate in HHI and in WOD, but I really thought I would never do it; 1 month later I was standing on the HHI stage, dancing with the company, with my chosen family. Now, I am 3 months away from traveling to L.A, to participate in WOD Finals.

What I want to share, is that no matter how hard or impossible your dream is, because, you know, with effort and dedication, everything is really possible. You will have ups and downs, but that is life, and those downs are what make you stronger and what motivate you to move on. Now I know that you regret the opportunities you missed, so take every chance you can; you never really fail or lose, you just learn.