Alexandra Dow

Boca Raton • Florida


I trained at an amazing studio from age 3 to age 14. I trained in all the basic styles and disciplines and competed. Jazz was always my favorite. Then one day, musical theatre overtook my life. In my mid twenties I took two solid years off where I didn't dance AT all. In those two years aspects of my technique diminished and a void within me began to grow that caused a lot of my unhappiness. At 25, I thought it would be foolish of me to try to jump back in the game. I thought I would be criticized harshly or frowned upon. But, by slowly starting to go back to class as much as possible and being given the opportunity to perform in shows that have challenged me artistically and technically, dance slowly started to re-incorporate itself into my life.

My body still has a lot of things it has to re-learn and I try to grow an progress every single day whether it be in a rehearsal, class or a show. It also made me realize that every day that you receive the opportunity to perform in any aspect is a gift. I'm 30 now, and I'm in class and more active than I've ever been. Walking into a studio and simply stretching on a marley floor provides me with an inexplicable comfort I cannot explain. Remember, we communicate with nothing but our bodies and that's pretty damn powerful. Keep dancing!!