Adrianna Ayala

Ontario  • Canada


I dance since i have memory i got my first ballet shoes when i was two years old ,
Here my story

i moved to another country a year ago, you know when you moved everything is different , food ,house , timeable , friends but the biggest struggle is the language , i got really shy and depressed a year ago , i was libing in a bubble I wasn't avaible to have friends and i was really scared to talk in English , that was my biggest fear i still dance in my house but then i tried to find a dance school to go in , a lot of people said that I needed more technique , muscles , other said that I won't dance because I wasn't talented to be in the professional world and more things that hurt my feelings , i lookked at me in the mirror and i asked the question "Do i have to forget my dream?" "I'm really bad dancer ?" A lot of question got in my head but then i turn on music and i start dancing like before i was with all the feelings all together that i felt incredible like i never felt before , and that that day was the day i grow as a dancer i understood that sometimes people said things to hurt you and your feeling , that day i learn the lesson of my whole life , i knew that i maybe didn't have the best technique in the world but i was talented and God give this talent to share with people my love for dance and help other with dance , that's why i decide to create a foundation to help children with special needs through dance that's my dream to help them and make them feel happy , because they inspire me everyday and make me feel special i also want to be a professional ballet dancer right now , i'm dancing at Capital City Dance in Advance Ballet Classes i'm so happy that i can dance and i truly believe in myself that i can do whatever it takes to be my best and help the children that's my dream .and i never gonna give up because they and God makes me strong

Love everything about dance i can say i'm crazy in love with dance , dance is something extraordinary that touch my life and change it forever , when i dance i forgot all my troubles and worries is like i could feel every part of my body move with the song , is like my whole body turn on when the music starts , is something indescribable my heart beat when i dance i born to dance

Never give up of what you love , sometimes is hard sometimes you want to let it go , but if you love something and makes you feel better don't reject it , keep it up practice everyday and you will see the results not tomorrow not in a week in the future , also try to use your talents to make someone happy or help someone , always give a smile to everyone