Adriana Popa

Leesport • Pennsylvania 


I started dance at the age of 4 and fell in love with the stage, but my parents' divorce at age 7 limited my ability to continue. I began again at 11 with one class for fun. As I sat in awe at the back of an auditorium watching the "big girls" dance, I knew I wanted to be where they were. One class turned into two, then five, then eight, to fifteen. During my teenage years, dance became an escape from my home life. I channeled all of my negative energy into art. When I got really serious about dance, I struggled a lot. From tendonitis to a severe concussion and depression, I wanted to quit. Nothing seemed worthwile. But, I persevered through all of the pain and received amazing opportunities. I've been able to teach dance classes at my studio, a birthday party, and on a missions trip in the Dominican Republic. I even got the chance to dance in front of 6,000 people. Dance took my pain away, and it also hurt me. But I learned that art is healing, and pushing through my struggles taught me the beauty of dance. I am so thrilled to pursue dance at the University of the Arts next fall.