Lizzette Aguilera

Caracas • Venezuela 


I used to dance, it was definitely my escape from everything. It all finished when my parents got divorced and we moved to another country. I felt like my world was falling apart at every second that past by. Ever since I arrived, it's been very difficult trying to fit in. The worst part was being the new kid at school, I remember my school was offering dance tryouts and I was really excited, but that happiness was ruined in seconds, I got rejected. Cause i wasn't in shape, or good looking or just good enough for the standards, but that didn't affect me..what ruined me the most was not being able of showing my skills. Years past and I grew up, by the age of 15 I started practicing and dedicating to mixed martial arts, at first I loved it, but now that its been a year.. I don't see it with the same eyes as before, I've realized that my true and only passion is dancing, it's my way of feeling free, it my way of escaping from reality and expressing what I can't say with actual words. Now that I only have a year from graduating of high school, it's been really difficult trying to make the right decisions.. In the country where I'm actually living they just really don't appreciate the Art world, its really sad cause there are so many talented people, it's hard trying to do what you love or just do something that will pay you well, my true goal, my dream since I was a kid was to become a professional dancer, but in a world like this people only care about the looks and they do even the impossible to break you down, I've been humiliated so many times and have past through a lot of things at such a young age, I even thought of taken my own life, but then I realized I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to do something for me, something that truly made me happy, something that made me feel completed, so the day of today I thank god for blessing me with such an incredible gift, when I dance I feel special, I feel trapped in my own little world, I let go all of my feelings, my emotions, sadness, weakness, everything that I can't express with actual words and create a beautiful piece of art, so my advice to all of you is never let someone tear you apart, it's always good to make the difference, but if you truly love something.. Then fight for it, but do it for you, not for the opinion of others, do it with passion, but remember that it takes time, dedication and effort to build it, and have a little faith cause it won't happen in the blink of an eye. Create, don't recreate, be unique, be authentic, but most importantly be You.