Madison Reeves

Belle Fourche • South Dakota

Photography by Toni Kahnke.


I have been dancing for 12 years. My first 8 years of dancing, I was a part of a studio that wasn't very competitive. I did dance classes as a recreational activity. That all changed when I joined my current studio, La belle ballet and more. After my 5 years of being a part of it. I had performed my first solo, advanced through many levels and started competing. I just finished my second year of competition and finished with 2 titles and high scores and placement in 2 of my solos and my group dance. Although this year was very successful, I had many setbacks. In August of 2015 I found out I had patellar tendinitis in both of my knees. I was out of dancing for 4 months while I built up my strength through physical therapy. Luckily, we caught this injury early in the season, as I was still able to compete and perform in our annual performance. During my injury I still attended all of my classes every night to learn choreography and keep up my strength and flexibility. When I finally got the all clear, it was just before my big trip to florida. Where I traveled to Tampa Bay and performed at the 2016 Outback Bowl with dancers from all over the country under Just For Kix. I cannot tell you how hard that trip was. I wasn't used to dancing on my knees, and suddenly I was practicing for eight hours a day. But, as difficult as it was. It helped me build as a dancer. When I got back home, I started perfecting my choreography for our recital and our competitions. Luckily all the hard work has paid off and I had my most successful year! God has plans for all of us, and during my injury I had no idea what it was. But, now I realize he was helping me become a stronger and better dancer. I know now that I can overcome anything. Setbacks make for better comebacks.