Faith Savannah Alexander

Columbia • South Carolina


Hi my name is faith savannah, dance for me is an art, a way to escape hate. I was bullied and I struggle with depression and an anxiety disorder. some days I cant even leave my room. dance is the one place that I feel comfortable being myself its the only place that I can escape to when im feeling down or stressed out, its a place where I feel free. when im dancing I feel like what ever im going through that day it just melts away, it takes away my pain and I just feel happy.Honestly, if i didn’t have dance in my life, i would be living a very miserable life. I’m so greatful that it is one of the talents that God has given me. It helps me distress a lot, when life gets too much and i don’t know how to cope, i clear out my room, play music and just start dancing. Its the best way to help me get back on track and feel good again.. What i love about dancing is that it doesn’t matter who you are, technique or no technique, it doesn’t even care about size. ANYONE can do it, it’s all about the passion and heart for it, and if you are determined, you can get to the point where your body can achieve anything through movement. Dancing expresses the body in a way that only the soul can understand. It is a gift from God.