Sarah Emily Resendiz

Texarkana • Arizona


We started much older than many dancers. At eleven my sister and I got our first ballet shoes. All the other girls in our class had their first ballet shoes when they were in elementary school. Our teacher had us dance to The Prayer for recital that year and mother cried (she still does because she says we danced like beautiful angles). Then, the second year of ballet, pointe shoes for everyone! After the recital that year I painted my shoes black. Someday I will have red point shoes and maybe I will get to dance the part for The Red Shoes. The last ballet I danced was to the Sound of Music for last recital and I think that was the best ever! My big brother helped out by partnering with us for the dance and it really was pretty cool! He doesn't even dance, but no one noticed. Mom says I can take some privet lessons this year when we have time so I can stay in shape and learn some new stuff.