Ava McAlinden

Matawan • New Jersey


I have been dancing since I was 2 yrs old. I was born in NYC. My Mother was a dancer for over 12 years and lover of the arts especially music. She always has her music playing. When I was a toddler she would hold me and dance. As I got older I would dance alone or with my friends throughout the house.

I love to dance. I dance 6 days a week.. Everyday is a gift. Dancing is a opportunity to challenge myself, move, learn, create and sometimes dancing is the best medicine when life gets stressful . It takes dedication and discipline. My bedroom is a shrine to dance. If I am not at dance, I am usually with family or with my dance family (friends) who have become some of my best friends. Some are like sisters. It's a great team. We compete. We made it to The Worlds Dance Championship in 2016. We placed 3rd which was an amazing accomplishment. We are also starting to get involved in giving back, helping different charities by raising money.

I study ballet, jazz, musical theater, ACRO, Hip Hop and Pom. For me, dance is my therapy, my expression. I need to dance like I need air to breathe. I don't now what I would do without dance and my dance family. Just dance!