Untapped Studio Story: The Pure Joy of Dance

The Place of Dance & Performing Arts

Waterford • Ireland

Today I have my own dance school, a place where I can support and guide others to live their dreams. If I can do it, you can too!!

“At our dance studio, we are all here for the same reason - a passion and love for dance! We all support each other in becoming the best dancers we can be. The friendships, the unity, the support, the creativity, and the pure joy of dance are the ingredients that produce a wonderful energy that we feel in our studio every day.

I am so grateful and honored to be a dance teacher - to pass along the knowledge that I’ve acquired and help others express themselves through dance. Dance has been my anchor through the most challenging times in my life as well as the most joyous times. I believe that the benefits of Dance ripple through all areas of your life for the greater good

I once thought my dream to be a dancer/ choreographer/ teacher was too big for me as all the odds were against me. I was a late starter, I was not financially abundant, and opportunities were not available to me where I lived. My passion and determination saw me through all these obstacles and I never gave up. I’m so grateful to say today that I have accomplished my dreams and I am continually evolving and learning. 

If you have the passion for dance then you have a gift that cannot be taught! Let your passion be your driving force and work really hard to build your technique and style to support this incredible gift."

Patricia Roche

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