Untapped Dance Heroes: Miss Amazing

Written & Photographed by Journalist: Kaysie Ellingson

Jessi Goff’s favorite color is hot pink; hot pink like her bedazzled converse she’ll take to the stage of the annual Miss Amazing Pageant on April 30, 2016. Her taste in color and bling captures more than her fashion, it captures the energy she brings into a room and the interactions she has with everyone she meets.

“She makes friends everywhere she goes,” her mother, Marie Goff, says. “It’s amazing, she has Facebook friends from all over the place.”

Her sociable demeanor has been a driving factor in every life endeavor, from working at iHop as a greeter to discovering her passion for dancing under the leadership of Gabe Harvey. She’s been dancing with Hope since it’s beginning, in 2012.  

Jessi was born with an endocardial cushion defect, causing her to have heart surgery when she was just three months old. Despite the health scare, she’s never let her disabilities debilitate her dreams. Eventually she wants to work at Providence with the babies. According to her mom, she loves babies. “She wants to do everything that everybody else does,” her mother says.

“U-D-C-What!” Jessi yells as she enters the studio to begin her practice with Gabe. She’s been rehearsing her Miss Amazing routine for months now. Her practices at Underground Dance Company are the highlights of her week. And performing in front of the judges is one of the things she is looking forward to most in the pageant.

The Miss Amazing Pageant was started in 2007 in Omaha, NE. Jordan Somer, at that time, a young girl with a passion for volunteering with the Special Olympics, came up with the idea to give back to her community through a pageant for girls and women with disabilities. She wanted to empower the inspiring females she had met in her time helping with the Special Olympics. Throughout the years the event has spread throughout the country and up into the Last Frontier.

Whether it’s dancing, swimming or working a steady job, Jessi dives into her activities wholeheartedly. Last year was her first encounter with the pageant. She and her mother went to support her friend who was a contestant. From that moment, a seed was planted. Her sights were set on that crown. The one thing she knew for certain was that her talent would be dancing, and Gabe would be her coach.

Jessi’s routine is performed to a mix of Katy Perry songs, including Eye of the Tiger, one of her favorites. During the talent portion of the pageant she’ll be able to show off her hip-hop skills and swag by channeling her inner Katy Perry.

This weekend, at Dimond High School Jessi and her hot pink converse will hit the stage, along with the other Miss Amazing Pageant contestants. Aside from the dancing, the thing she is looking forward to the most is the crown.