Untapped Dancer Story: Through the Eyes of a Young Dancer

Addison Johnson

Jenks • Oklahoma

My mom said she wasn’t a dancer and couldn’t afford it. But, she lets me dance and I love her and dance so much.

I love dance, and though my momma was sick from cancer and it's just us, she still let me dance and it makes my heart happy, ever since I could walk. She said I got so excited in baby bop abs that I could hardly walk and I would run around and quack like a duck.

Even though she would get sick from going outside, she would still take me to dance. That's my momma. I love her too much. I love to be on stage. Dancing makes me want to cry and my mom lets me find videos on youtube to try and learn. She is the best mom!

I watch the Untapped videos so much and I cry. Ha. I hope I'm better every year. My mom tells me to help dancers at recitals that get scared. I didn't know why until my friend at big recital fell and stood there in our musical theater dance. I helped her and I think I did right. Momma said I did and she cried. We are happy and crying a lot. Ha. 

My mom said she wasn't a dancer and couldn't afford it. But, she lets me dance and I love her and dance so much.

Love you Untapped. Don't stop dreaming!

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