Untapped Story: This is Not Easy

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We've been asked many times why we (Untapped) are doing what we're doing. The answer is simple to us, people need to know they are not alone. Everyone has struggles and they often feel like they have no one that understands how they feel or what they are going through, but knowing that there are people around the world that care about your struggles, makes each day a little more beautiful. It makes it easier to not give up on your dreams.

Has Untapped made a difference in your life?


Sharing your stories and encouraging dancers around the world is very important work, BUT the reality is we need your help to continue doing it. We wanted to offer you the opportunity to support this important movement and get an amazing shirt/sticker as a thank you.

If Untapped has made a difference in your life, please consider supporting. Rally your dance studio, Rally your friends, tell everyone you can that Untapped is making a difference and needs help: