Untapped Story: Eat, Sleep and Breathe Dance

Shaqwaun Stanley • North Carolina, USA

"There are tons of people that love to dance or are simply gifted at dance, but the best dancers are those who eat, sleep and breathe dance. I am one of those people and so are you. It’s not always the most gifted people that get far in life, but the people who stay focused against all odds, hardworking and motivated that excel. I am not the best dancer. I don’t have the best technique, but I can promise you if given the chance I will be the most hardworking, dedicated and motivated individual. And in our industry body shaming and even race can make you feel like you won't be taken seriously, but don't feed into that. I am 5'3 and a dark-skinned black young man and will never have the traditional dance body, but once I saw Ailey II dancers perform I had my confirmation that even I had a place, so just know to hone your craft and dance for yourself and believe me someone will see your talent, I promise."

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