Untapped Story: Uncommon Dream

Jason • Canada

"Our son Jason has had to overcome a lot of bullying from his "friends" at school. He has never been a "typical boy.” Since he could first talk, he has always told his mother and I that when he grows up, he wants to be a ballerina. Our son has a passion and a work ethic that would make most adults envious! As parents we do not push Jason at all, he dances because he loves it! Unfortunately for Jason, his peers at school and even some of the administration don't appreciate or agree that a boy should be a dancer. It is a daily struggle for Jason, who at 8 years old has expressed that maybe he should act differently around school to avoid this treatment. As a parent it is heartbreaking - because we as a family love him exactly how he is and never want him to be anyone or anything different."

“I would tell anyone, and especially a boy dancer, not to allow outside influences to interfere in your passion to do what you love to do. It is a gift to be able to appreciate and love something like dance!” - Jason's Dad

Jason dances at Canadian Dance Company