Untapped Story: Beautiful Transformation

Bridget Costello • Illinois, USA

“Dance has never come easily to me. When I started I was 15, had no talent to speak of, and I was extremely overweight at 240 pounds. But I had a dream of dancing since I was three years old!  I didn't get there the conventional way. Most of my family didn't believe in me, they didn't see how this could be a career. That was hard, I felt alone most of the time when it came to family support. But I didn't give up! I lost 100 pounds, got into Open Champion and I was just accepted into a summer school in Dublin Ireland that will give me the opportunity to become a professional dancer! Dreams come true!"

"I love dance because it has freed me from not only a physical weight but a mental weight as well. Dance, in so many ways, has saved my life! I never knew I could be strong, beautiful and truly happy.  There is nothing more freeing than standing up on a stage and letting the music take over your body and mind.”

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