There is Untapped Potential in all of us. Untapped is an inspirational movement motivating people to reach for their full potential through stories that encourage and inspire. The movement aims to connect dancers, studios and stories from around the world. We feel that it is our mission to facilitate a deeper connection between studios / dancers / life / and their art. We do this by telling stories that encourage and inspire.

  • This was something that changed my life forever
    — Maddison Bush
  • Untapped has just inspired me to keep dancing, even through the hard times, I will be forever grateful for Untapped!
    — Robey-Reid-Smith
  • This is a great movement, one that everyone in the dance world should try to watch and be a part of.
    — Dance Revue Studio of Dance
  • Thank you for opening eyes once again, thank you.
    — Theresa Davis